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I recently participated in a group show called “Ransom” at Brooklyn Wayfarers. Each participating artist received a word to represent visually. The words were all part of a story that could only be read at the show. You can still read the story! The show will be up until December 1st.

I made two drawings, but sent in the black and white version.




6-Word Memoir

6-Word Memoir

This is a little old, but still worth posting. Made it for my thesis class senior year. It’s my 6-word memoir, and it’s featured on the website!

The illustration is about being arrested at a political action freshman year of college. It might seem cheesy, but it was one of the best experiences. Being in jail wasn’t fun in any way, but I made life-long friends and switched majors and enrolled in a dual-degree program.


I was looking through old drawings to put up on my new website and found this. I don’t think it’s a portfolio piece, but I still like it.

Elephants galore

I’m not sure what’s up with me and elephants lately, maybe that “Elephant Poem” has me thinking about elephants. Or maybe my roommate, Ronnie’s love for them. Either way I’ve been thinking about elephants, and had the urge to draw one. This is an ink drawing on a gessoed sketchbook page. I like to slowly build up layers of color to get more depth, so it took me a couple of days to finish.  It’s been really humid these past couple of weeks, so the ink took a lot longer to dry, especially on the gessoed paper.

More Crayon Drawings!!!

So finals came around. Then came summer. And I’ve really slacked on the updates. But the good news is I’ve kept busy and have new drawings. Here’s one that was inspired by the “Elephant Poem” by Judy Grahn, a poet famous for feminist and lesbian poetry. The type is a little hard to read; I was experimenting with layers of ink in between matte medium. I was impatient and didn’t wait for the ink to fully dry between layers. The fly was done in one of my favorite mediums-crayon.

Elephant Poem

Birth, Struggle, Death

This is one of the illustrations for our latest Concepts assignment. The concept is to illustrate Birth, Struggle, and Death. I chose to use mimes acting out each of the words. I looked up symbols for each of the words.

This one is my favorite so far. It’s the image for struggle. He’s standing in a pile of rotting fruit (still doesn’t look like it’s rotting though), which has been historically used to represent struggle in paintings. I’m probably going to redo it, so that there is more of the fruit showing. I’m using ink on watercolor paper.