Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitation



6-Word Memoir

6-Word Memoir

This is a little old, but still worth posting. Made it for my thesis class senior year. It’s my 6-word memoir, and it’s featured on the website!

The illustration is about being arrested at a political action freshman year of college. It might seem cheesy, but it was one of the best experiences. Being in jail wasn’t fun in any way, but I made life-long friends and switched majors and enrolled in a dual-degree program.

DIY Disaster Relief





A few weeks ago I worked with an amazing screenprinter and friend KB and the folks at Not an Alternative to make wayfinding signs Occupy Sandy out in Staten Island and the Rockaways. It was a great experience that showed me the possibilities for ways in which I could combine my passion for art and politics. The end result was about 200 hand printed signs, wristbands, and construction jackets.


I finally finished my first zine a couple of weeks ago. I’m working on getting it up online. Physical copies are also on sale for $4-there’s a handprinted linocut in each one! Email me =)

The zine is called Encuentro, and focuses on my experience with race and gender.
This first one is about feeling like I have to fulfill certain stereotypes because I’m a woman of color.

Chicago Inspiration

These are photographs from my trip to Chicago a couple of weeks ago. I got to see a lot of amazing art and architecture. There are beautiful murals everywhere, and tons of art spaces.