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I recently participated in a group show called “Ransom” at Brooklyn Wayfarers. Each participating artist received a word to represent visually. The words were all part of a story that could only be read at the show. You can still read the story! The show will be up until December 1st.

I made two drawings, but sent in the black and white version.




Using old work in new ways

I got an assignment recently to take old work and experiment with it. We had to crop it various ways, deconstruct, destroy, obscure, and enlarge our pieces. These are my two favorite ones. Destroy and deconstruct. I like assignments like these because it reminds me that I don’t always have to make something completely new. Sometimes it can be a lot more fun to experiment with old artwork and see what comes out of it.

Birth, Struggle, Death

This is one of the illustrations for our latest Concepts assignment. The concept is to illustrate Birth, Struggle, and Death. I chose to use mimes acting out each of the words. I looked up symbols for each of the words.

This one is my favorite so far. It’s the image for struggle. He’s standing in a pile of rotting fruit (still doesn’t look like it’s rotting though), which has been historically used to represent struggle in paintings. I’m probably going to redo it, so that there is more of the fruit showing. I’m using ink on watercolor paper.