We Will Not Be Silent

Here is an image I made for an organization that I’m a part of. You should check it out. It’s called Organization for a Free Society.

Artist Statement:

My goal is to create art that inspires and makes people think. As long as I can start a conversation, it does not matter whether the viewer agrees with my message or not. Even if this is a personal conversation between the viewer and them self. I used a mime in this drawing to challenge the complacency that we see so much of today. Mimes are known to be silent, and use their bodies as the only means of communication. I chose the phoenix from the Organization for a Free Society’s (OFS) logo to show the voice and strength that one can find through political action. Groups like OFS serve as a vehicle for everyday people to not only voice their concerns, but act on them. Allowing them to use their bodies in the same way that mimes do, but also having the power to speak up if needed.


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