It’s been a long time since my last post, but I’m going to try to update more frequently.

Here are a couple of drawings from my “Sketchbook Warehouse” class. The beginning of the semester focused on elasticity and getting rid of the fear that we all have when faced with a blank page. We all tend to lose beautiful line quality trying when trying to draw realistically. It was interesting to see that most of us in the class had a hard time starting in our sketchbooks. A new sketchbook is pristine, and there’s always the pressure of having a beautiful drawing on the first page. George Bates, the professor for the course, started the semester by having us make really “bad” drawings. We then made some “good” drawings. There was no pressure to have anything look perfect in the bad drawings, which made them a lot more interesting to look at than any of our “good” drawings.

I’ve been experimenting with crayons a lot this semester. It’s helped me to loosen up. Here is one crayon drawing from an in-class model. I like to start out with a light color to get the basic outline. Sort of like an underpainting. Then I use about 2-3 more colors  to define certain features and add value. I didn’t add a lot of tones to this particular drawing. I wanted to focus more on the way the lines and folds on the clothing moved.

Here’s another image from that same day. I used watercolor on a gessoed page in my sketchbook.


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